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Data Center Designs for Evolving Hardware

Current designs for traditional enterprise type data centers arent necessarily flexible enough for the myriad of newer devices coming their way. IT hardware is beginning to morph into different form factors, which may involve non-standard physical configurations, as well as unconventional cooling and power schemes. This does not necessarily mean that a traditional design will […]

8 Steps to Building a Modern Datacenter

TODAYS ENTERPRISES ARE beginning to hit a wall with their old-school datacenters. As noted in a recent article by IOs Patrick Flynn on why the datacenter is broken, datacenters have become too big and too slow when they really need to be more cost-effective, efficient and responsive. As it is, enterprise IT architects are struggling […]

The Differences Between Data Center and Enterprise Networking

To build optimal networks, IT professionals need to understand which components and design principles are best suited to their needs. Many IT administrators are unfamiliar with the differences between data center networking and enterprise networking. In a recent survey, IT decision-makers from large and small organizations from both public and private sectors on the CDW […]